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Boo a bit poorly

Written by Mutts Butts

The Boo is poorly bear this week.   Boo has not been in a kennel. However through her 4 years we have tried to administer her kennel cough vaccine numerous times. Four vets have tried and failed to give her the vaccine due to her strength at resisting and her total sensitiveness as she thinks it’s the scariest thing ever so consequently she hasn’t had it.  MISTAKE !!!! She now has caught it … obviously her exuberance to meet and greet with other dogs (as it’s an airborne virus) has exposed her to this and well she has been rather poorly with it.  She is on anti bios 3 times a day, has had an injection and sounds quite frankly like a sea lion coughing and puking up foamy phlegm.  We are now planning to sedate her and administer the injection when she is all better.  It’s a distressing thing to see.  She has been hot and sad and lethargic with it. Poor BOO…..I feel like an irresponsible parent! Therefore I urge you all to consider this vaccine if you haven’t.   L