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Buckingham palace's new four legged lodgers

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As we all know the late Queen Elizabeth was known for her love of animals, over her mammoth reign she had over 30 beloved dogs, Corgis being her favourite. At the time of her passing she had left behind four royal canines (Candy, Muick, Sandy and Lizzy) who are now being intrusted to her son Prince Andrew and former daughter in law Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York. 

Although many have been left wondering if there will be any new regal pets, it’s safe to say that the Royal Dog Dynasty will be continuing. As King Charles III and his wife Camilla begin their reign, they will be bringing along their cherished pups with them. The two delightful Jack Russel’s named Beth and Bluebell are set to be moving into the new home once the palace has finished its renovation works.

If you haven’t seen Charles an Camillas pets the two adorable pooches were rescued from Battersea Dogs Home back in 2017 and have been an inseparable member of the family since, soon to be following in the pawprints of the late Queens Beloved Corgi's.


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