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We decided that it would be fun to do a blog of what Boo gets up to.. 
She’s a pretty normal family dog with a passion for puddles, rivers, ditches, people,bonios and cuddly toys.
We go for daily walks (obviously with our Mutts Butts dog poop bags on hand at every given opportunity) and I have to been known to be handing them out to startled owners who have forgotten their bags for pick up !
Boo is 6 now.. a bundle of sweetness and exuberance! She is called Boo because my first teddy bear was Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons and she was just so fluffy and like a teddy bear it seemed the perfect name!
Follow her adventures on Instagram too!!!   boo_the_goldenbear      

The Boo on the tube and buses bounding around London !

Considering Boo is 7yrs old and never ever been on public transport she was amazing !! Took everything in her stride. She loved the fuss she got and was exhausted every night after all our antics !!

The Boo went to The Big Smoke !

Oh what a jolly jaunt we had visiting the sights !! Best moment was when Boo ran amock in Hyde Park and jumped into The Serpentine  !! 


Feeling rather jaunty in my party hat for Mums Birthday party ! 

Alexander has finished University ! We love to play ! 

Basking in my paddling pool ! 

Heaven...I'm in Heaven !

Mum shared her ice cream with was DELICIOUS !!!


The Boo on her Holidays:)

We went to Devon for 2 weeks and it was immense. Such amazing coastal walks, beach days and sun sun sun ! 


Seven years of unconditional love, devotion and fun..... I can't believe she's 7 ! Just love her soooo much !

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