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Boo's Blog
We decided that it would be fun to do a blog of what Boo gets up to.. 
She’s a pretty normal family dog with a passion for puddles, rivers, ditches, people, bonios and cuddly toys.
We go for daily walks (obviously with our Mutts Butts dog poop bags on hand at every given opportunity) and I have to been known to be handing them out to startled owners who have forgotten their bags for pick up !
Boo is 12 now... a bundle of sweetness and exuberance! She is called Boo because my first teddy bear was Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons and she was just so fluffy and like a teddy bear it seemed the perfect name!
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Snow! Snow! Snow!

boo snow 2      boo snow 4

  boo snow 3       mountain_boo.jpg

Very cold and icy under paw and foot hike through the forest. We were out for hours ... about 9k up big hills... glorious winter sunlight... and it started to snow.


See more of my adventures on my blog.

What a day!

Boo devon 2020                boo devon 20202 

  boo devon 20203                 boo devon 20201   

I fully embraced the stunning autumnal golden hour sunset basking and i'm sure you can work outhow i felt about my holiday icecreams.

See more of my adventures on my blog.


Devon 2020

boo devon1      Boo devon2     boo devon3

I’m ready to roll !!!! Literally... In the lush exfoliating sand and seaweed... 
Devon 2020 let’s go !!! 

See more of my adventures on my blog.

More Presents!

                                                      SWIS BOO 1   

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                                      swiss boo3                   

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