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Boo's Blog
We decided that it would be fun to do a blog of what Boo gets up to.. 
She’s a pretty normal family dog with a passion for puddles, rivers, ditches, people, bonios and cuddly toys.
We go for daily walks (obviously with our Mutts Butts dog poop bags on hand at every given opportunity) and I have to been known to be handing them out to startled owners who have forgotten their bags for pick up !
Boo is 12 now... a bundle of sweetness and exuberance! She is called Boo because my first teddy bear was Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons and she was just so fluffy and like a teddy bear it seemed the perfect name!
Follow her adventures on Instagram too!!!   boo_the_goldenbear      

Meet my new friends

                                                 Boo and Friends   

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Had such a fun day meeting up with some new friends. Harry and Harvey are a little older than me however you wouldn't know this, as they are still as bouncy as ever. 


Christmas 2019!

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It’s that time of year again when Mum takes it upon herself to dress me up and attempts a photo shoot of me by a big tree.


Hydro Therapy

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I had my hydro therapy session today and I did splendidly! I was a tad tentative to the initial tank but I managed to get the hang of walking on the treadmill after a few attempts.

The vets!!!

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I’m nearly 9 now and the vet says I’m in good shape but I have the beginnings of arthritis in my knee and so I’ve have to have an operation tomorrow to make it all better. Me, Mr Husky and my cone are 10 days into this recovery process so far!

Hope Cove

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Back to Hope Cove, this time with Theo. Sandy muzzles and beach days are just bliss. I had lots of paddles and wallows in rock pools usually followed by a roll on the sand to get as absolutely sandy as I possibly could.

Meet my new bestie Theo!

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This is me meeting my new best friend ! 
His name is Theo or Theodorable as his mum calls him. He’s just 13 weeks old.

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