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We decided that it would be fun to do a blog of what Boo gets up to.. 
She’s a pretty normal family dog with a passion for puddles, rivers, ditches, people,bonios and cuddly toys.
We go for daily walks (obviously with our Mutts Butts dog poop bags on hand at every given opportunity) and I have to been known to be handing them out to startled owners who have forgotten their bags for pick up !
Boo is 6 now.. a bundle of sweetness and exuberance! She is called Boo because my first teddy bear was Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons and she was just so fluffy and like a teddy bear it seemed the perfect name!
Follow her adventures on Instagram too!!!   boo_the_goldenbear      


The Boo loves a trip to the pub ! She's rather partcial to the odd mini cheddar ! She's also loving the woodburner being on most nights too ! Cosy Boo !:)

The Boo goes to The Dog Spa

The Boo goes to The Dog Spa twice a year for a good scrub up and a much needed trim.  Claudia is fabulous but Boo does not fully embrace this experience and would rather smell of

mud, ditches, bogs and fox poo! This ladies and gentlemen is how she arrived yesterday !!! She now smells like a bed of roses ! I do doubt for how long though !!!!!!!??????? :)

A Hike up Helvellyn !

The Boo went on a mammoth hike up Helvellyn in the Lakes ! Bless her though...she simply stopped and wouldnt go any further over Striding Edge.

Can you see her hiding !????

Snow Boo loving The Lakes !

Wonderful Winter Walks with our Boo

We managed a sea side walk in Wales on New Years Eve which was so refreshing... Boo managed to find her favourite ditch in Lyme Park and was most disgruntled to be swathed in a towel on the way home much to the hilarity of other car drivers behind her !!! 


A Mutts Butts Christmas !

Here I am with my two most favourite Christmas presents... Rexy who I love to wrestle with and Florrrie the Flamingo ! :)


Happy New Year


As you can see The Boo is bounding full on into 2017!!

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers ! xxxx

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