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Welcome to Mutts Butts where you can buy our Bio-degradable Dog Poop Bags, with a choice of Standard, Economy and Premium bags.

Never be caught short without a Mutts Butts Poop Bag. 

Dog Poop Bags

Be kind to the environment and use our degradable poop scoop bags to clear up your dogs mess.

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Charity Donations

At Mutts Butts, we feel it is incredibly important to give something back, so that's why for every product that you buy, we donate 50p to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

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The Boo on her Holidays:)

We went to Devon for 2 weeks and it was immense. Such amazing coastal walks, beach days and sun sun sun ! 

The Boo goes to The Dog Spa

The Boo goes to The Dog Spa twice a year for a good scrub up and a much needed trim.  Claudia is fabulous but Boo does not fully embrace this experience and would rather smell of

mud, ditches, bogs and fox poo! This ladies and gentlemen is how she arrived yesterday !!! She now smells like a bed of roses ! I do doubt for how long though !!!!!!!??????? :)


Seven years of unconditional love, devotion and fun..... I can't believe she's 7 ! Just love her soooo much !

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