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Welcome to Mutts Butts where you can buy our Bio-degradable Dog Poop Bags, with a choice of Standard, Economy and Premium bags.

Never be caught short without a Mutts Butts Poop Bag. 

Dog Poop Bags

Be kind to the environment and use our degradable poop scoop bags to clear up your dogs mess.

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Charity Donations

At Mutts Butts, we feel it is incredibly important to give something back, so that's why for every product that you buy, we donate 50p to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

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The vets!!!

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I’m nearly 9 now and the vet says I’m in good shape but I have the beginnings of arthritis in my knee and so I’ve have to have an operation tomorrow to make it all better. Me, Mr Husky and my cone are 10 days into this recovery process so far!

Christmas 2019!

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It’s that time of year again when Mum takes it upon herself to dress me up and attempts a photo shoot of me by a big tree.


Hydro Therapy

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I had my hydro therapy session today and I did splendidly! I was a tad tentative to the initial tank but I managed to get the hang of walking on the treadmill after a few attempts.

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Latest news from the blog...

  • oli's first pupdate!

    At just over 8 months old Oli had began her puppy training and judging from her report card she'll be heading to big school very soon. She is now wearing her guide dog puppy vest and is trying her paws at learning new skills and commands.

    Read more ...
  • happy 90th birthday guide dogs

    Guide dogs are owning their age today as we celebrate our working canine companions reaching the grand age of 90. As the charity is at this incredible milestone they have launched their anual appel this time with a , you guessed it, 90 theme.

    Guide logo and dogs

    Starting in 1931 from a humble lockup in Wallasey, Mersyside, two phenomenal woman, Muriel Crooke and Rosamund Bond, began training the first four British guide dogs. Now nearly a centary later over 36,000 lives have been transformed by the charity and the UK has begun to show their love for the organisation. Landmarks like the Milliennium Bridge and Blackpool Tower have been lit up in 'labrador yellow', charity walkies are taking place all accross the country and some of our favorite celebrities are showing off their most loyal fans in a series of paw-traits in order to raise awairness and celebrate the anniversary. 

    The charity is encouraging people to help raise money in any way they can. Be it throwing a 90's party in their hounor, going on a 90 minute walkies or even sharing your own perfect paw-trait to spread awairness, all money raised will be used to fund the life changing services our fury friends provide.

  • Introducing Oli

    oli guide dog 2

    Once again we are thrilled to have the opportunity to name another guide dog, this time we are welcoming Oli into the family. At just 8 weeks old she is begining her gude dog puppy training.

    We will be getting her regular pupdates, so keep an eye on our news section to see how shes getting on.

  • MEET MADDIE !!!!!!

    We are thrilled to introduce you all to our new named Guide Dog for the Blind .. Maddie ! How utterly divine is she !!