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We decided that it would be fun to do a blog of what Boo gets up to.. 
She’s a pretty normal family dog with a passion for puddles, rivers, ditches, people,bonios and cuddly toys.
We go for daily walks (obviously with our Mutts Butts dog poop bags on hand at every given opportunity) and I have to been known to be handing them out to startled owners who have forgotten their bags for pick up !
Boo is 6 now.. a bundle of sweetness and exuberance! She is called Boo because my first teddy bear was Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons and she was just so fluffy and like a teddy bear it seemed the perfect name!
Follow her adventures on Instagram too!!!   boo_the_goldenbear      

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to you all !

Every year without fail Boo receives a Christmas card from her Mummy Indie and  her family of goldens.  Every year I get all emotional ! Boo is 6 now !

We wish you the happiest of festivities with lots of glorious walks and an extra sausage for all your beautiful Mutts !  xxx

Queen Boo !

Mum went to see The Crown Jewels and brought me back my very own Crown ! 

As you can see I have embraced the look and feel rather regal !!!:) 

Oh ! What a lovely year !


A splendid time had all year in rivers, puddles, ditches and of course the sea !

The Boo's Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Boo.....Hard to believe she is now 6 ! She had extra chewies and Bonios and a new collar ! :)

Agility Boo

A day at Chatsworth Horse Trials and Boo had a go at Agility after the amazing rescue dogs did the course. She did alright with alot of encouragement espially over the A frame and though she wouldnt even attempt the tube tunnel she did jump throught the ring at the end !! I was so proud !!:)


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