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Theo receives the Victoria Cross

An Army explosives sniffer dog who died of a 'broken heart' just hours after his handler was killed in Afghanistan was given a posthumous award today.

TheoLance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, was shot by insurgents last year while on patrol in Helmand Province with his dog Theo - who died just a few hours later.

The pair, who were said to have been inseparable, detected a record 14 Taliban roadside bombs and weapons caches in five months, and are believed to have saved countless lives.

Their role was to provide search and clearance support, uncovering hidden weapons, improvised explosive devices and bomb-making equipment.

The springer spaniel was unhurt in the incident on March 1, but died just a few hours later of a seizure. His family believed he died of a broken heart.

Theo was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal, known as the animals’ Victoria Cross, at Wellington Barracks, London, for his 'gallantry and devotion'.

It's nearly Oscar time...

Should animals get an Oscar?

Uggie the Dog Actor

They have air conditioned mobile dressing rooms and agents! Take for example Boones Animals for Hollywood.

He has been an animal handler for more than 30 years. He trained more than 100 animals for the movie Cats and Dogs... it took over 6 months to cast them and train them!

Then we turn to the most recent of the new dog stars.... The Artist and Uggie... a superb performance with humour and drama!

War Horse.... to merely see this is emotional, moving and a stunning performance from more than just one horse playing the lead ‘Joey’ is enough to cheer at the screen.

Ultimate Dog Tease

Last years number 1 you tube video. Brilliant!

Dunder the German Shepherd

This is one to make anyone smile! Having teenagers in the house is a good thing. It keeps me up to date and on my toes with the world they live in and let’s face it their technology usage seems always at a high!

So I was intrigued when they told me about a video on You Tube which has had thousands of hits about a puppy called Dunder the German Shepherd.

It’s simply adorable. The video only last 40 seconds and shows Dunder the puppy at eight weeks to his first birthday! Routed to the same spot and edited together you see him grow at rapid speed. In some shots you can see one of his favourite toys [a blue one] by him and he proudly sits wearing a birthday hat on, with the owner showing a number one birthday candle at the end. What a very unique and fun clip it is and such a memory maker! I wish I’d done it with Boo!  

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